Chapter I. — The Day of Pentecost

Chapter II. — The Great Outpouring

Chapter III. — The Holy Spirit Personality — Terms — Views

Chapter IV. — The Spirit of Christ and the Holy Spirit

Chapter V. — More Than Twenty Years after Pentecost

Chapter VI. — Three Baptisms of the New Testament

Chapter VII. — Three Baptisms in Type

Chapter VIII. — The Relations of the Holy Spirit to Christ's Human Nature
and His Relations to Every Believer

Chapter IX. — Fruit of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Chapter X. — The Gift of Tongues

Chapter XI. — The Utility of Speaking in Tongues

Chapter XII. — The Gift of Prophecy

Chapter XIII. — Miraculous Gifts in Evidence throughout the Present Age

Chapter XIV. — Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Chapter XV. — The Supernatural in the Local Church
Chapter XVI. — Conclusion