By one who has witnessed the phenomena of Pentecost under the Author's ministry.

The twentieth century Church has experienced a miraculous manifestation of the Holy Spirit's power unparalleled in her history since the first few centuries of the Christian era. A revival of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit is in evidence. The outbreak of revival was spontaneous and not organised, breaking forth in different parts, and among different groups of Christians at the same time. The great opportunity for evangelical churches had arrived. At their disposal was power adequate to combat materialism and spiritism. But they did not know the day of their visitation.

In consequence of the Church's official attitude, which was Pharisaical, numbers of Christians found themselves virtually excommunicated, and generally met together in back-street mission halls and in private houses. The result was that Pentecost went back to the upper room and stayed there, except for a few urgent souls who became foreign missionaries.

Such was the condition that obtained in the British Isles when the author of this book was guided by the Holy Spirit to found the Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance. Against fanatical opposition from sincere but mistaken people from within, and organised prejudice from without, Principal George Jeffreys led the movement to the public, and established its churches in main thoroughfares of each of the four countries of the British Isles, besides sending missionaries to different parts of the world.

On the nineteenth centenary of Pentecost the largest hall in the provinces of England was packed for the conclusion of a campaign in that city through which ten thousand people were converted.

For eight years the Royal Albert Hall, London, has been crowded at the annual Easter Convention, and at Whitsuntide meetings in the same hall about three hundred received

"the Holy Spirit, with supernatural signs, in one day.”

Every national newspaper has carried the news of the Principal's phenomenal success in his revival and healing campaigns. No man living is more qualified to speak with authority on this subject. Behind every sentence is twenty years of singular experience. From a wide field of historical research evidence has been deduced to prove the continuity of the supernatural gifts, and that they were not early withdrawn, as generally supposed. Not only is the case presented, we believe beyond controversy, for the miraculous signs and gifts of the Holy Spirit to-day, but to those who have been extreme in the use of the gifts, and have over-emphasised the speaking in tongues, this work presents a challenge. It tells what the gift of tongues is for, and what it is not for. Also it explains the purposes of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, how, when, and where they are to be used. To every open-minded Christian it will be evident that any system of worship without these gifts is incomplete.

James McWhirter.