Pentecostal Rays

Pentecostal Rays.

Pentecostal Rays!
Yes, rays of light from the Inspired Word upon a subject that is claiming the attention of the Christian Church universally — the baptism of the Holy Spirit and miraculous gifts. A baptism received in the first century by one hundred and twenty believers in the ancient city of Jerusalem, some seven weeks after the resurrection of Christ, is now received by tens of thousands of believers in the twentieth century all over the world, in view of the Second Advent of Christ. The miraculous gifts so conspicuous in the Early Church during the first few centuries are finding their place to a greater degree in the closing days of the dispensation. The gates of worldliness, unbelief, opposition, and compromise, which resulted in the gifts practically ceasing, are giving way before the onward march of an empowered Church. This companion book to "Healing Rays" simply contains the subject matter of our studies and addresses given during eighteen years' ministry amongst those who have earnestly contended for the faith, put into literary form in response to the increasing requests of succeeding years.